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Our Objectives

We are dedicated women in our community working to make a difference.

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Learn how we commemorate our loved ones through memorial services, parades and other events.


We present reenactments of historical events with local volunteers.


We pay homage to our confederate sisters during crisis and remember the important roles they played.

Think & Dare

How we help our youth strive for excellence by assisting them through the higher education.

"The United Daughters of the Confedeacy is one of the greatest of women's organizations, a sisterhood of female descendants of soldiers, sailors, and patriots, dedicated to the preservation of the history, heritage, culture, and artifacts of the Confederate States of America. It is a noble and worthy mission and one of Southern women's greatest achievements. To be a member is both an honor and a privilege. It is our duty to the memory of our Confederate ancestors to see that this work is carried on." - UDC Handbook